Thursday, February 14, 2008,8:55 PM
Just wanna let you know that my personal blog is more updated. Initially, this was intended for my wedding stuffs and after. There's nothing so much to blog about as far as my married life is concern. But I'm not deleting this account. I think once in a while I'll try to post. But for now, hybernate mode muna ako dito sa blog na 'to.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008,1:41 PM
Its our 2nd year wedding anniversary
We celebrated our wedding anniversary twice.Saturday (1/26), Nikky was so anxious that he can't think of any gift for me. Kaya pla niyaya nya ko to go out that day na mag-malling. Not the usual Nikky because ako lagi ang nagyaya sa knya lumabas. He only asked me to go out pag manonood kme ng movie or having some lunch with his friends. Sunday (1/27), we just went out for a dinner with my in-laws at Olive's Garden. We're all sitted when he handed me this small box... ooowwww...  then he said "Oh ayan, di ako makatakas syo lagi kang nakabuntot"... hahaha... talagang pinahirapan ko daw tlga sya. Good timing kase nagfifit ako ng pants kaya binili na daw nya kagad. Minadali nga daw ng sales clerk yung pagswipe ng card nya bka daw kase bigla akong lumabas... hahaha. Mission Accomplished! But don't get me wrong, exagged lang sya nung sinabi nyang lagi akong nakabuntot. The truth is pag nasa mall na kme we have our own world. Sya lang ang may gusto na magkasama kme while tumitingin sya ng mga stuffs nya. Eh mainipin ako eh, reklamo naman sya na bat daw sya hinihintay nya ako... hehehe.

Then the next day (1/28), after work pumunta muna kme ng walmart then headed to Perkins. Wala lang gusto ko lang na mismong that day, kumain kme sa labas. So thats it. Happy Anniversary Love! I Love You!  

The Gift  A white gold with diamonds accent

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Thursday, January 17, 2008,6:06 PM
11 days to go
On January 28th will be our 2nd year wedding anniversary. It's my day off today and thinking what to do. I saw our unedited wedding video and watched. Actually, 2 out of 5 dvds pa lang yung napapanood ko. And now ko lang na noticed na wala sa tono ung organist namen. Di na nga tinugtog ung requested bridal march ko, out of tune pa. Actually dapat sabay namen papanoorin ni Nikky yung video (raw), kaya lang sobrang tamad ako, kaya nauna na nyang pinanood. Yun din ang sabi nya.. hayyy.. Pero napansin ko rin na sa buong ceremony, e chika kme ng chika... in short di kme nakikinig... and nung sinabi ng priest na you may kiss your bride, may intervals pa bago akong ikiss... eh kase nagchichikahan pa kme. I instructed ni Nikky na wag brutal yung pagkiss nya... hala.. Overall, it was a memorable and wonderful wedding. Love your own sympre.
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Tuesday, January 08, 2008,10:20 PM
After 11 years
I'll be working tomorrow til night, so I don't know if I have the chance to do my blog, so I'd rather do it now. Tomorrow is our 11th year anniversary as bf-gf. Til now we're still celebrating the 1st day of our relationship. I just cooked lasagna and that's it. We're too lazy to go out and besides its almost zero visibility here because of the fog. So we enjoy the lasagna while watching food network. Ang takaw!!! By the way, its also my friend's anniversary and its their 12th year as bf-gf. They are now happily married (so am I) with 2 wonderful kids (soon for me).

January 1997 (the payatots!)

January 2008 (the... wala lang!)

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Saturday, December 22, 2007,10:35 PM
Christmas greetings

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Saturday, December 01, 2007,7:53 PM
My Better Half
A tagged by Mai.

1. His Name: Dominic in his birth certificate, Nikky to his friends, Papa Dom to his girlaloo... hahaha... "Love" to me. Since pang-girl yung name nya, sometimes I gave this name pag may nanghihingi ng name ko... di nila alam pangalan yun ng jowa ko... hahaha.

2. How We Met: We were both from Senior High. Here's the full story

3. Characteristics of Nikky: As they say, you will know the person very well when you live together under one roof. I must say na di na ko masyadong nagulat nung nagsama na kme. E for 10 years ba naman as bf-gf, naging transparent kme sa isa't-isa.

  • A true friend that you can really count on.
  • Generous and thoughtful
  • Loves also my family
  • Always makes surprises
  • Marunong sa bahay in a way. Kaya minsan nagtatalo kme kung ano bibilhin na furniture.
  • Grinding his teeth while sleeping. Samahan mo pa ng snoring... hayyyy!!!
  • Never misses a day not in front of a pc, kung hindi sa pc, playing video games.
  • Sobrang arte, na hindi naman dapat mag-inarte.
  • Homebody person... so parang anti-social na rin.
  • Sweet lover. Sobrang takaw sa matamis.
  • Makakalimutin... ever since.
  • Color dumb not blind. Kase ang pink nya ay green... hanep di ba...
  • Romantic... na di OA.. simpleng romantico... hehhee..
  • He always makes me laugh.
  • God fearing.

Yan lang ang naisip ko... hehehe.... basta over all he's a great guy!

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Saturday, November 17, 2007,12:25 AM
Merry Christmas Love!
Nikky keep on making "parinig" to buy him PS3. This is the only thing on his wish list. At first, I was really hesitant to give him one. Addict na tlaga si Nikky when it comes to video games na once na naging reason ng misunderstanding namen. Now, if I buy him, para ko na rin kinonsinte yung addiction nya. But of course, how can I resist. Eh, I can't think of anything na pwede kong ibigay sa knya. And I know for sure that he will be happy pagbinigyan ko sya.

So ok decided na talaga ako, the problem is how can I surprise him? At first, I planned to order online and shipped it. Kaya lang most of the time wala kme sa house because of work. So buy it mismo sa store? Eh kaya lang kasama ko sya pag ganon kase sya ang driver ko. Hmmm...

Today, before we went out for dinner, niyaya ako ni Nikky na magdrop by muna sa Bestbuy. He just wanna check Dane Cook's DVD. Nakita namen 'tong PS3 and I told Nikky to pick one. Di ko alam kung nasurprise ba sya or wala lang. Then I asked him, "Love happy ka ba? kainis di ka man lang nasurprise". Then he said, "Nahihiya ako, pero happy ako super" "Thank you and I love you" sabay kiss.... Wow naman!

Napaaga yung christmas gift ko... hehehe.

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